March 06, 2014

Cats Will Be Cats!

Cats are on my mind. Last fall I took in a beautiful white stray, Shiro, who has settled in quite nicely and now a little kitten has also joined our home. I am calling her Kitty Kat for now until a better name comes to me.  It is always amusing how our cats like to be in the thick of things when you are quilting. Exploring other people’s blog, there often seems to be a cat keeping company with the quilter.

Is it any wonder that I was drawn to the cat blocks I found at the antique market in Kawagoe, Japan. They show the delightful characteristics of cats while also representing different cultural aspects of Japan.
In the first block we have a cat pounding rice to make mocha and , in the second block, the cat is playing with sakura (cherry blossoms).


Here is the work in progress.

Of course, I have included some Sashiko. I tried the natural cotton thread first thinking it would bring out the colour of the printed pictures on the red but, against the dark background, it looked more white than natural and seemed to shout and overpower the cat blocks. My friend, Clare, suggested that the Sashiko in red might be more effective. It was worth unpicking the natural to replace it with the red. It always great to have having another set of quilter’s eyes.

As one quilting expression says, “Quilting with a friend will keep you in stitches.”

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