April 27, 2013

Verona Tessile (Textile), 2013

I am back from a quilter's dream vacation in Verona, Italy.


International quilters and fabric artists were celebrated in seven historical buildings in and around Verona's city center.

Verona is famous for its music and, starting in April, concerts and operas are performed in the Roman Arena above. The Ad Maiora Association sponsored a contest: "...e lucean le stelle" (...and the stars shone). This is a piece of music from the world famous Opera  Tosca by Giacomo Puccini. Here are are some of the quilts inspired by this theme.

Sogno D'u... by Laura Di Cera, Italy for Category Modern

Le Stelle Nella Mia Vita: Taurus/Libra/Pisces by Chritina Zuegg, Italy

E Lucean Le Stelle by Maxine Oliver, USA

Star Circle byVerena Giavelli, Italy

Quilt by Gail Marmoreo, Toronto, Ontario

She sang for her lover and the stars lit his way by Suzanne Neilson, Toronto
Tomorrow, we will visit the Loggio Barbaro to see the Mineral Quilts sponsored by Ad Maiora, Canada and see another wonderful view of Verona.

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